Support and Advice

Once you get your files assessed and receive a feedback on your potential, AIMS offer you support and advice to enhance your potential. This support and advice ranges from document preparation to visa application and even to flight booking. It is a fact that applicants often struggle to prepare their documents such as affidavit of sponsorship, writing a proposal or statement of purpose, organise their skills and job duties on their CV, or even how to increase their points for migration through short training and/or skill building. If that is the case, clients are encouraged to contact AIMS for further support and advice. Our support and advice activities include, but not limited to: - Choosing the right course - Completing online or paper applications - Writing proposal or statement of purpose - Arranging a scholarship - Arranging a student loan - Applying for visa - Preparing supporting documents - Assessing your skills - Achieving a further certification through APL or RPL - Writing business plan and related literature and so on If you feel that you are not confident in doing any of the above, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

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